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The District of Santiago De Surco deploys Senturian’s Data Library AI platform

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Lima , Peru - Senturian Solutions have completed the SMART CITY project for the district of Santiago de Surco. The district of Santiago de Surco, commonly known simply as Surco has an area of 34.75 km² and populated by middle to high affluent residents. In the recent years, the municipal of Surco embarked on the SMART CITY project to optimise its city functions and improve the quality of life for its citizens.

Surco’s SMART CITY project adopted real-time analytics system to enhance its current video surveillance system, quickly filtering out search results by object type categories and attributes in real time, while flagging out selected categories as real time alarms. With the implementation of the Senturian Data Library, the system is now able to classify different types of object types as human, vehicles, animals or general objects, together with a whole range of sub attributes which includes 30+ human/object attributes (bag, backpack, mobile phones, etc) as well as different vehicle types (two-wheeled vehicles: bicycle, motorcycle car, truck, van, bus) as well as different animal types (cats, dogs etc). By doing so, it allows the city to optimize city functions and promote economic growth while also improving the level of security for citizens.

The successful implementation of image vision analytics in Surco once again reinforce the global reputation and confidence that municipal governments have in Senturian’s ability to deliver superior AI products that “Solve Real World Problems.”

This project was completed and delivered locally by Senturian’s Local distributor partner CFBD SAC.


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