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Distribution Agreement with CCTV (THAILAND) CO., LTD.

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic agreement with CCTV (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Effective January 25, 2023, CCTV (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is appointed as a Senturian Solutions distributor of our full range of AI Video Analytics products.

We are confident that our partnership with CCTV (THAILAND) CO., LTD. will provide end users with best-in-class AI Video Analytics solutions and exceptional customer service.

“CCTV (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was founded in 2008, currently has a registered capital of more than 100 million baht, starting the business as an importer of Smart City and IoT equipment, and can also develop a Software system to be used in conjunction with a video surveillance system. Network surveillance, intrusion prevention system, building access system, fire protection system, announcement sound system and the remote meeting room system with the hardware system can effectively respond to the current Smart City Thailand 4.0 system.

Be a role model for SME entrepreneurs who have the ability to manage their businesses effectively according to good standards, with transparency and have good governance and has been certified to quality standards ISO 9001: 2015, which is an international standard that business organizations worldwide acceptance to demonstrate excellence in quality and service including efficiency of operations within the organization to create the highest efficiency for the distributors of the organization.”

More information about CCTV (THAILAND) CO., LTD. can be found at:


143 Suansiam Rd., Kannayao, Bangkok Thailand 10230



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