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Behaviour Analytics analyse human behavioural patterns, mainly focusing on human fall detection, violence detection, smoking detection and sound analytics.

Advanced Fall Down Analytics

Behaviour Analytics include highly accurate fall-down detection designed to help healthcare staff quickly respond whenever a patient is in distress. This real-time analytic can automate routine tasks, reduce the need for constant monitoring, increase patient emergency care response time and probably as a result

- Save a LIFE !

Patient falls_edited.jpg

How it Works ?

Acting like an accurate pair of eyes, this highly accurate fall detection solution uses AI to determine whether a person is kneeling, sitting on the floor, tying their shoelace, or indeed falling with low rate of false positives. It can tell the difference between someone sitting down, and someone fallings from a seated position. So, if the person is simply squatting down, no alarm will appear.


Smoking Detection

Smoking Detection Analytics  generate real-time alerts whenever someone is smoking in a resticted area. The analytics detect the combination of human smoking behaviour hand gestures together with object types.

( Cigaerttes / Cigars / Vapes ) 

sound wave.jpg

Sound Analytics as Redundancy


To further improve safety with even higher degree of accuracy and redundancy, sound analytics and speech recognition is used to complement video imaging analytics. Using sound/speech analytics, this second level can detect if a person screams or cries for help. 

Violence Detection  


Violence detection analytics that use artificial intelligence to analyse and identify fight or violent behavioural patterns between 2 people. Violence detection analytics may be extremely useful in some video surveillance scenarios like in prisons, psychiatric or elderly centres.


All Behaviours on a single EDGE Device

Try the most advanced Behaviour Analytics Engine on a Free 30 days trial.

Need more details ? Download the EDGE Specification Sheet.

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