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KNUH Hospital

July, 2017

KNUH Hospital


The KNUH (Kyunpook National University Hospital) is the biggest hospital in Daegu city which covers southern Korea. It was derived from the DaeGuDongIn Hospital which was opened in 1907. 

Senturian Products Deployed

The KNUH had adopted Senturian Neurolytics' human fall detection algorithms, to construct a healthcare surveillance system that can improve the speed of aid for their patients. 150 cameras were installed with human fall detection analytics.

In order to do save a patient's life, it is essential to have a fast response time. It means offering patients quick immediate medical action. The analytic system was deployed to detect any patient that falls down in real-time, by analysing videos from the CCTV camera system. 

Real time alerts of fall events were transmitted to the hospital control centre, as well as the central command centre. Notification alarms were also sent to the doctors and nurses, in order for them to immediately attend to the patient that fell.

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