BASF Plant

March , 2020

About BASF Plant


BASF inaugurated a new plant for emollients and waxes today in Jinshan, Shanghai. The CNY 150 million project (approximately €20 million[1]) is BASF’s largest investment in emollients production in Asia Pacific.  It complements BASF’s current production of wax esters, emulsifiers and primary surfactant in Jinshan, and will further enhance BASF’s local production and better serve the growing personal care market in China and Asia Pacific.

Senturian Products Deployed


In March 2020, BASF adopted senturian's deep learning artificial intelligence system to identify oil spills, fire, smoke and minor explosions. (optimized to identify and alert within 3 seconds.) BASF staff can now identify and address problems and leakages immediately, before it becomes actual accidents. 

Helmet and uniform analytics were also installed to ensure staff were fully equipped with the right uniform and safety gears at all time. When non-compliant uniform or a lack of proper gears were spotted by the system, real time alerts will be sent to the control station.

x16 cameras installed with Senturian Data Library (Fire and Smoke) detection.

x16 cameras installed with Senturian Data Library (Oil spill) detection.

x16 cameras installed with Senturian Data library (Object Recognition) detection. 

x16 cameras installed with Senturian Data library (Uniform) detection. 

x16 cameras installed with Senturian Data library (no Helmet) detection