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Ministry of Defence deploys Senturian's Fire & Smoke Analytics

Bangkok, Thailand - Senturian Solutions have completed the Fire and Smoke detection safety project for the Ministry of Defence. The Ministry of Defence is a cabinet-level government department of the Kingdom of Thailand. The ministry controls and manages the Royal Thai Armed Forces to maintain national security, territorial integrity, and national Defence. The armed forces of Thailand are composed of three branches: the Royal Thai Army, Royal Thai Navy, and Royal Thai Air Force.

The Ministry of Defence project requires a real-time analytics system to enhance its current video surveillance system, quickly identifying Fire and Smoke incidents in real time, while flagging out these events as LIVE alarms. The analytics were deployed to monitor the fire hazard areas of the canal, moat and nearby neighbourhood surrounding the Ministry.

After a lengthy and robust selection process, the best performing analytic product was selected. The selection process involves the participation of numerous analytic vendors to conduct LIVE fire & smoke detection tests on the ministry’s premises. Senturian’s fire & smoke algorithm was selected and awarded as the best performing analytics. It outperformed the field in terms of pixel identification accuracy and Speed of alert response.

The successful project implementation for Thailand's Ministry of Defence, once again reinforces the confidence that municipal governments have in Senturian’s ability to deliver superior AI products that “Solve Real World Problems.”

This project was completed and delivered locally by Senturian’s Local partner CCTV Thailand.


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