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Empower your VMS to be transformed from a normal video management system to a superior analytic LIVE keywords search engine, together with Enhanced Analytic application capabilities , for your enhanced operation and efficency demands.
Gender : Female
Color : Red, Orange
Attributes : Glasses 
Hairstyle : Long Hair
Time : 15:30

Yes I am interested. Tell ,me more about the Data Library.

Your Scope

Security operators, managers and authorities 

As a security operator, manager or authority, you’re the first line of defence when an incident occurs. You are expected to gather video recording information as fast as possible, so the police or relevant personally have time to react. You are expected to provide evidence and answers – immediately. Locating the incident on video recordings can be challenging and also time-consuming, especially when an installation has multiple cameras recording 24/7.

Your challenge

Too much recording data and Permutations 

Looking though countless hours of useless video footages and you’ve still not found what you’re looking for. Every second matters, time is ticking and you are pressured for answers. Sounds familiar? Going through hours of footage to pinpoint a person or object of interest can take an impossibly long time. You need answers NOW! Is that person a Male or female? What is the color of his or her clothes?  What is the color of the bag he is carrying? Which direction did he go? The list goes on ………There are simply too many permutations.  

Your solution

Senturian Data Library Forensic Search Analytics 

Data Library is an advanced forensic video analytics solution that enables Realtime video search retrieval, analysis and LIVE alarms. Retrieve information instantaneously without the need of filtering through endless hours of useless video footage! Seamlessly integrated into any video management system (VMS), it allows the user to retrieve video recording data in seconds and allows customized search filters/rules supporting different permutations, including people, animals, vehicle and objects. This creates instant data evidence/ information and immediately improve response time efficiency.

Realtime Enhanced Forensic Search and Operational Capabilities

Gender : Male
Hairstyle : Short Hair 
Attributes : With Cell Phone
Upper Body : Blue, Black
Lower Body : Brown
Time : 09:30


In Finding a Suspect, Time is vital

The first few hours are critical for locating and solving crime or foul play. With each passing hour, the likelihood of apprehending the suspect disappears. Data Library can extract the suspect's information by description (45+ human attributes and object types) instantaneously from the system, enabling law enforcement to detect the exact time and place where the suspect was last seen. The suspect is thus apprehended. 


Missing car - Track, Locate, Apprehend

Whether it’s a stolen car or a getaway vehicle, with Data Library you can quickly identify, search between vehicle type, color, licence plate, make or model and quickly identify and locate the lost vehicle. This empowers law enforcement with the necessary forensic tools to track and locate the vehicle's movement throughout the city and apprehend it in the quickest time possible.

Vehicle : Car
Liscence Plate : SBA1234A
Car Make  : Audi 
Car Model : A7
Color : White
Time : 13:10
Left Turn
Count : 1320
Roundabout Right
Count : 1430
Roundabout Left
Count : 1486

Govern the City

Manage - Optimize using LIVE alerts

Analyse activity, traffic paths and human flow dwell time statistics. Set up customized LIVE alerts with multiple rules including dwell/time, in-out area controls, directional controls, crowd controls, identity controls etc - to govern and manage the city. This allows the city to optimize city functions and promote economic growth while also improving the level of security for citizens.

Utilize Analytic Technology


Driven by artificial intelligence and deep learning, Data Library detects and extracts objects from video imaging. It then identify, analyse and classify each object based on trained Deep Neural Networks and transform the data into meaningful information to enable intelligent video analysis. Powered by  additonal features of unique analytic capabilities and enhanced applications  :

Data Sync

Instantly locate people, vehicles, objects and other items of interest by searching for 45+ supported object types and attributes. Including supported search filters - time, quantity and color. 

Proximity Capabilities

Create LIVE customized alarm notifications of any combination from Data Library’s wide range of algorithms (45+ object types and attributes).

Total Operability

Detects abandoned objects in specified sizes like boxes, luggage, and backpacks being placed in the monitored area for a user-selected period of time. Vice versa, It also can be used to flag out the removal of those objects from the monitored area.

Open Architecture

Analyse if a moving entity (human, vehicle) is moving towards the wrong direction. This is used to monitor one-way roads for violators, human traffic flow at entrances and exits.


Accurate face recognition which pinpoints people of interest using digital images extracted from the video or from external sources. Supports VIP/Blacklist/Match list management.

Multi Logic Rules

Fire and Smoke Detection detects suspicious fire or smoke incidents from digital images extracted from Realtime or uploaded videos. It quickly analyses and verify characteristics of fire and smoke in seconds.  

Vast Object Library

Supports Loitering detection which gives early warning when someone is lingering or dwelling in specified zones for a set period of time. This can be applied to parking management which flags out vehicles, that overstays the specified zone allocated time.

Cloud Support

Analyse and detect unauthorized entry into specified areas. When any moving entity (humans, animals, vehicles, etc.) enters the zone, the system triggers alarms. 


Accurately identify different animal types which include Dog, Cat, Cow, Bear, Bird etc. Including supported search filters - time, quantity and color.  

Ultra Image Enhancer

license plate recognition, designed for "traffic management” scenarios, including search tools for identifying license plates through watchlists, Realtime video or data uploads.

Customize Training Tools

Keep track of how many people and/or vehicles are in, or pass through, a specified location of interest. Object filters can be used to also count objects with specific properties such as vehicle type (car, truck, etc.)

GPU Optimization

Improve safety and productivity in manufacturing or construction, by detecting and monitoring PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) usage or safety helmet detection. 


Data Library -

Object Classifier


Senturian Data Library analyse and classify objects by different types and colors in Realtime, through a street camera. This inscribes meta data LIVE tags in the recordings of the VMS system enabling users to retrieve any search results in seconds.

See it in Action




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